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01 // Countdown for the Competition for the Title of World Champion Beer Sommelier begins

This year's Beer Sommelier World Championship is breaking all of 2011's previous records. As was the case with the 2011 World Championship, many beer sommeliers answered the call from Doemens Academy to accept the challenge and registered for the high-profile competition. A total of 58 beer sommeliers from eleven countries will compete against each other in Munich on September 15th 2013. From Germany there are 20 participants who already qualified for the championship at the preliminary qualifying rounds in February. "The level of expertise was so high in the preliminary rounds that I think we can look forward to an exciting and first-class World Championship," notes competition supervisor and jury member Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl, Executive Director of Doemens Academy, who first launched this industry event in 2009. "Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands will represent Europe," reports Dr. Norbert Vidal, course director for Business Administration in the Beverage Industry at Doemens Academy. "We are particularly pleased to see that Brazil will again be sending a number of very good beer sommeliers to the competition. Furthermore, we are also proud to welcome candidates from Japan, Puerto Rico, the U.S. and Canada."

But not only the beer sommeliers are getting prepared for the big event. Also jury members and sponsors are looking forward to the championship. Returning jury members are Dr, Wolfgang Stempfl, Dr. Christina Schönberger, Cilene Saori and the first World Champion Beer Sommelier Karl Schiffner. Celebrity chef Bernd Arold, Urs Willmann, editor of the German newspaper Die Zeit and Petra Westphal of the Messe München round out this year's expert panel of seven jurors.

The upcoming World Championship will be held in close cooperation with the Messe München, and takes place on the day before the drinktec, the world's leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry, commences (September 16th to 20th, 2013). Dr. Norbert Vidal, course director for Business Administration in the Beverage Industry at Doemens Academy is looking forward to this collaboration: "Linking the drinktec with our comparatively young industry event is perfect. Together with Messe München, we are going to host a truly unique 3rd World Championship."

02 // Downloads

Program 3rd Beer Sommelier World Championship
Fact Sheet
Jury Members
Interview with Karl Schiffner
Interview with Sebastian B. Priller
Press release 14.09.2012: 365 days until the 3rd Beer Sommelier World Championship
Press release 07.06.2013: The Competition for the Title of World Champion Beer Sommelier Commences
Press release 05.12.2012: Registration is Now Open
Directions to Messe München

03 // Images

Press photo 1: Beer tasting in the preliminary round in 2011
Press photo: Karl Schiffner, World Champion 2009, and Sebastian B. Priller-Riegele, Runner-up for the World Champion 2009 and World Champion 2011
Press photo: Jury member Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl at the beer tasting during the final round 2011

04 // The Organizers

The World Championship is organized by Doemens Academy GmbH, represented by the organization's executive director Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl. Doemens Academy GmbH offers training and seminars comprising all aspects of beer. The Doemens beer sommelier program provides participants with the qualifications to serve as ambassadors, charged with the responsibility of eloquently championing the cause of beer diversity and the enjoyment of beer from around the world. The Beer Sommelier World Championship in 2013 will be particularly noteworthy due to its close cooperation with Messe München in conjunction with drinktec, the world's leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry.

05 // Sponsors

The 2013 World Championship is supported by the Messe München in addition to other sponsors from the brewing and beverage industry, including the Barth-Haas Group, Weyermann® Specialty Malts, Sahm GmbH + Co. KG, BrauKon GmbH, Schäfer Container Systems, Siemens and the following associations of brewers and breweries: Die Freien Brauer, Deutscher Brauerbund and Bayerischer Brauerbund, Schweizer Brauerei-Verband and Verband der Brauereien Österreichs.

06 // Press Contact

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